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The first step in improving your salon is taking stock of where it is today. The Salon Doctors are specialists in evaluating your salon, they work closely with you to find out what works and what could be improved.

Once these points have been established, your salon doctor will create an action plan for your salon. This consists of a series of steps targeted at the areas of your salon that can be improved and made more profitable and streamlined, allowing you to enjoy a more productive and successful salon environment.

We also now offer mobile Apps for Salons! Find out more here.

Product and Services Overview

  • Salon management system with hardware
  • Install and training
  • Professional website creation with added Ecommerce facility
  • Salon promotional and marketing materials
  • Design and print services
  • Re-brand service
  • Interior display systems
  • Professional salon business analysis and training
  • Strategic salon future re-mapping and benchmarking
  • Social network dynamic launch
  • IT hardware trouble shooter service
  • Bluetooth multi-media systems
  • Salon owner 1-on-1 personal coaching
  • State of the art high-tech salon video solutions
  • Salon marketing campaigns
  • Hairdressing advanced training
  • Computer skills training
  • Salon owner and staff goal setting programmes
  • Full salon marketing strategy analysis and appraisal with recommendation

Common areas we target are:

  • Your Salon brand.
    How does it reflect your business and how many people are aware of it?
  • Your marketing strategy.
    Is your current strategy monitored and is it providing a good return on your investment?
  • Your salon management system.
    Is your current system costing you money with the amount of time and effort needed to manage appointments and staff? If so we can help!
  • Your team and processes.
    Are your staff and your management team motivated and enjoying running a fun, busy and profitable salon? If not, our bespoke training and management seminars are the perfect thing to fix this.
  • Client retention.
    Do you find a lot of your clients aren't making second appointments and coming back? If so we have many ways to improve client retention, from simple steps up to a full strategy ensuring they come back time and again.
  • Your website.
    Do you have a website for your salon? If so, is it doing all it could to bring new clients to your salon? Can you sell your haircare products online? If you answered no to any of these questions then it's really time you got a Salon Doctor site, websites made by people who know how salons work.

Whatever your salon needs, The Salon Doctor has the cure. We are specialists in every area of the salon industry and we're dedicated to making your salon a place that people love coming to, love working in, and most importantly, that it runs profitably allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Contact us today, and let us create your perfect prescription for salon success.